Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Lash Lift

Happy May, friends! The days are getting a little longer, the temperature is getting a little bit warmer and I couldn’t be any happier for it! I’m ready for you, Spring!

A while back, I wrote about my experience with lash extensions. Today, I wanted to share with you guys my experience with a Lash Lift & Tint in an Oakville spa. This is a new service that I had been hearing about everywhere! I mean, who doesn’t want longer, curlier lashes so I was excited to be invited by InStyle Nails & Boutique in Oakville, to visit their beautiful salon to try out the procedure. InStyle Nails & Boutique Oakville offers a variety of high-end nail services, as well as waxing, biogel, facials, eyelash lifts and extensions, makeup and permanent makeup.

Because it was my first time trying Lash Lift, Judit, owner and a Certified Lash Lift Technician went over each step, letting me know what she was doing and what I could expect at each step. I found this so helpful because I really had no idea what was happening as my eyes were closed during the entire process. Having her tell me each step as she went was not only informative, but it also helped make me comfortable during the process!

Now I’m sharing with you what I learned...

What is a Lash Lift?

A lash lift is like a perm for your lashes! Lash lifts set the shape of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. It gives your lashes an amazing shape and curl.

Before the Lash Lift

Because you can customize your results your Lash consultant will first ask you questions about the style of lashes you would like, whether or not you wear mascara everyday, etc. Based on your answers, your technician will pick a curl size for your eye shape.


To begin the process, your lashes are cleansed to make sure there is no make up residue left on your lashes.

Lower lashes are then glued down to a shield so they don’t interfere with the top lashes during the process. A silicone pad is applied and lashes are glued to the pad. This will ensure the shape and lift height for the curl!

The perming solution is then applied.

"The perm solution acts as a softener by opening up the cuticles in the lashes and making them pliable." Judit explained. A second solution is then applied which will set the lashes.

Judit then used a collagen treatment and finished with a tint, to make the lashes even darker, really making them pop. This is optional but I found it really made an impact as the finishing touch!

The whole process took about an hour, start to finish, and let me tell you, it was an hour well spent!

Highlights of a Lash Lift
- Makeup takes only a couple of minutes because your face already looks done-up upon waking. In fact, I didn’t use mascara for the entire week after having the Lash Lift done as I found I didn’t need it, only opting to wear it for special engagements/events!

- What’s not to love about this process? You get the semi-permanent lift and curl of extensions while keeping your natural lashes damage-free.

- Lash Lifts last six to eight weeks.

- Avoid getting your lashes wet in the first 24 hours after a Lash Lift, in order to make that curl last.

- Lash Lifts are SO low maintenance! While lash extensions requires you to be more careful when washing your face, sleeping on them, etc, there really is no maintenance with a Lash Lift!

I absolutely loved it and would definitely do it again!

Thank you to InStyle Nails and Boutique for having me. If you're in the Oakville area, I highly recommend their salon - not only is the space is beautiful but the owner, Judit and staff are friendly and so knowledgeable.



Three weeks post Last Lift: w/o mascara


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