Monday, 14 August 2017

truLocal Wild Caught Icelandic Cod & Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon 

I come from an Argentine family and we take barbecues very seriously back home; we call them 'asados'. It's not just about a meal, it's about quality time spent together, away from phones, work, activities and social media. It's a time when you get to be present and just enjoy each other's company, as well as the food. Growing up in our family, my dad was the barbecue chef - or as my little brother nicknamed him - 'BBQ dad'. For these special barbecues, we used to drive into the city and go to one particular butcher shop where we could get the specific cuts of meats that we needed for our 'asados' -  (btw, these cuts aren't sold at your local grocery store, you needed to make the drive downtown, stand in line, take a number and watch your whole Saturday morning dwindle away on this one task!). This goes to show you how important asados are to an Argentine family!

   truLocal Hot Italian Sausages 

When I came across TruLocal, I was so excited to try their meat products because they are a company that delivers local, antibiotic-free, free run, no hormones-added meat to your front door. We all know that subscription boxes are all the rage right now and I was excited to hear that the Milton-based company offers products that are not only delicious but that you can feel good about consuming.

Unlike many other subscription boxes, truLocal allows you to customize and decide what meat products will be delivered to you. This means you know exactly what you are getting when that delivery arrives, making meal planning that much easier. They have a large selection including the ever so popular Striploin Steak, Filet Mignon and Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon to Lamb Loin Chops and Elk T-bone.

You can modify your box to what you love and have it shipped to your front door! (Do you know how amazing it is to have your groceries delivered to your door?) Even if you are not home, because of the packaging and dry ice, your products will still be frozen when you get home that evening! The subscriptions are flexible, allowing you to set up a plan that best suits you and your needs. You can even decide to try different meat products, changing your monthly box picks!

truLocal Lean Ground Beef Tacos 

As you guys already know me, you know that I only endorse brands and products that I believe in and use myself. truLocal's meat products were so delicious but my favourite aspect of this is that truLocal's products are locally sourced with Ontario's best suppliers; its so important for us to begin looking at where our food comes from, making sure that it is sustainable.

The box was beautifully packaged and even included a recipe card inside. Each product was individually vacuum sealed, making it much easier to defrost only what I needed for that particular meal.

We had a huge barbecue and had our family over - everyone loved the meat but more than anything, I loved the service and experience truLocal provided.

Thank you truLocal for this delicious experience!

truLocal Striploin Steak 

Chimichurri Sauce: Original Argentine Recipe

This sauce is used on grilled meats in Argentina. It's an intense and flavourful sauce that is best served fresh but can be prepared and refrigerated for 24 hours.


1/2 cup olive oil
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
1/2 cup finely chopped parsley
3-4 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
1 red chili, finely chopped (approx one tablespoon)
3/4 teaspoon dried oregano
salt and pepper to taste


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Allow to sit for ten minutes to release all of the flavours into the oil before using.
  2. Use sauce to baste meats (chicken or steaks) while grilling or add a tablespoon over your steak and serve (my favourite). Enjoy! 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

I had planned to have this post up days ago but unfortunately, we got hit by the flu at home so it's been a long week - and it's only Tuesday! Nevertheless, the minis are feeling better so that's what matters most!

Being summer, there are so many cute sandals and flats out there but the most comfortable shoe in my current rotation are the classic Adidas runners. I paired them with these navy shorts with a tie up belt that I'm currently obsessing over. I love the extra little detail, giving your shorts a mini facelift this summer. These ones are a linen-like material so they are soft and will keep you cool during the hot months.

I added a basic black tank but the ruffles on the sleeves are an added a feminine touch. This one has a V neck but it isn't deep V, making it the perfect casual tank.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A while back, I wrote a blog post about building a capsule wardrobe in an effort to own and have less material things (you can read about it here). Living in a condo, I have had to readjust many things - mainly the use of space. Closet real estate is hot property so I try to take care of it wisely, only shopping for those key pieces that I'm missing/needing. Having a list like that definitely helps when shopping because with all of the beautiful things being displayed in stores and new styles coming in weekly, it really can be never ending. The trick is to be wise about it! One of the best ways to get you thinking about your shopping choices is calculating cost per wear. Something that may be inexpensive but would only last a few wears may have a higher cost than a big ticket item that you end up wearing all of the time. Think about the longevity of your wardrobe as you make your choices. With all of that said, I've put together a list of ten investment pieces that every woman should have in her closet.  These are the ones that are worth the splurge as your cost per wear will definitely be worth it.

Dark Wash Jeans: We all have several pairs of jeans and now with out newest distressed obsession, we may be missing one key pair, the dark wash. They are flattering on everyone and the wash allows you to dress it up or down. Find the cut that best suits your body type and I promise that it's the pair that you'll be reaching for for years. 

The Handbag: Most of us use a bag everyday and for that reason alone, it should be a high quality piece that is versatile and can be worn with most of your outfits. Because of its high quality, it will last you years, even with everyday tear and wear. Here are a few of my favourite structured bags. 

Jewelry Statement Pieces: A lot of us have a signature look and just like your look, you should have a  timeless piece of jewelry that you can wear daily. Think of a classic bangle or a statement ring. I'm not very big on jewelry but I do love bracelets. I have two bracelets that my husband bought for me before each one of our two kids were born; these are so special and significant to me and I rarely take them off.

The Classic Timepiece: A watch now is seen as much more than a functional piece. Your watch can now be the finishing touch on your outfit. Think classic, elegant, simple. Remember, it's all in the details...

Trench Coat: The reason this is an investment piece is because you can wear it over anything and it will make you look chic and polished. Invest in a classic look; you'll have it forever.

The LBD: The little black dress is timeless and I guarantee you will be reaching for it time and time again. Choose one that is flattering on you and the only thing you'll have to worry about when in need of a LDB next time, is how to accessorize it.

The Classic Pump: Choose a mid or high heel and it will make anything from jeans to pencil skirts look chic. Start with a neutral (black, navy, nude).

The Camel Coat: This coat is by far one of my favourite items in my closet (I actually have several). There is something so elegant about slipping a camel coat over your outfit. Want to take it up a notch? Wear it over your shoulders or add a great scarf.

The Chic Flats: With so many options now, the difficult part will be deciding which style to invest in! Flats, loafers, slip ons...happy shopping!

The Cashmere Cardigan: This cardigan is a great layering piece and in most places, you'll use it year round. Make sure to invest in a good quality cardigan in a style that is flattering on you and it will pull almost any outfit together. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

I have lost count how many times I have visited Montreal but it never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and European charm each time. If you can't away to Europe this summer but are craving a little piece of European culture, Montreal is your destination. Having just returned from a quick trip, I have listed a few of my favourite spots; some were new to me and some keep me coming back each time I visit.

If you have never been to Montreal, this is a great list to start with because it will give you a little of everything and provide you with a sense of what this great city is all about. From its night life to the foodie scene and the historical and architectural spots, Montreal really has something for everyone. 

Let's start with food, because there are restaurants everywhere...literally. 


Montreal is such a great spot for foodies. Montreal takes great pride in their food scene and so they should! You can find diverse restaurants and original menus. Last year, Montreal had the record number restaurants per capita in North America beating out San Francisco and New York; yep, that's a lot of delicious restaurants to choose from during your stay there. Here are a few things you should try. 

Gelato, Coffee and Crepes: I'm going to start with desserts because it's my favourite. Not only can you get great gelato at Delices, you can pick up cookies and maple syrup to take back home as souvenirs. Or totally eat them on the way home (a la Ross).

Smoked Meat: The first time I visited Montreal many years ago, I missed out on eating smoked meat; I didn't even know what an icon this sandwich was in Montreal. When I returned, a friend asked me if I had liked the smoked meat - I had no idea what they were talking about. I didn't make that mistake again. When my husband Marco and I returned, one of our first ventures around the city was to look for these on a menu. I recommend the ever so popular, Schwartz's. 

Poutine: There are so many places to get good poutine and although it's impossible to recommend just one or even decide on the 'best,' a good start would be La Banquise. If you aren't in town for long, this will give you the classic poutine experience and because it is always open - yep, 24/7, you can do all the sightseeing you heart desires before you stop in to have a bite. 

Shawarma: Our first stop is always Boustan. If you are looking for the best shawarma in the city, look no further. This tiny place on St. Catherine is always busy and it's no surprise why. Once you have their garlic sauce, you may not want to settle for another one. One of the great things about this spot (other than how amazing their food is) is that it's open until 4am. I suggest you take it to go as its a small place and there isn't a lot of seating area. 

Bagels: Ever heard of the famous Montreal bagels? If you've made it to the city, you can't leave without first stopping by at Fairmount! There's nothing like freshly baked bagels. This was the first bagel bakery in Montreal and they haven't stopped being the best. This bakery opened in 1949 and continues to be family owned. The bagels are rolled by hand and baked in an old fashioned wood fired oven. It's carb heaven, trust me. 

Looking for a gourmet experience? Capture the culinary heritage of Montreal by trying one of the many food tours! 

Bon appétite!


This beautiful district is perfect for strolling all day on cobblestone streets, stepping into art galleries and taking in the architecture. Make sure that you walk, don't drive there. Start by stopping by at Place d'Armes. It is one of the most historical public squares in Montreal. With the fountain, carriage rides and architectural beauty all around you, you'll think you have stepped into a movie.

Can you spot Marco and our little traveler on the picture above? He parked his tricycle and went off to see the Spanish performer in the square. 

One of the most stunning spots to take a walk on is St. Paul Street. With its cobblestone streets and old world charm, you'll think you're in Europe.

Although you may get distracted by performers and buskers, Place Jacques Cartier is a beautiful spot in the city and will take you to Montreal Town Hall. If this building takes you back to France, that is because it was actually modelled after the Tours Town Hall near Paris. 

Skip the tourist souvenir shops and you'll find the cutest little cafes and shops on almost every street you decide to walk down in Old Port.

MUSEUMS & ART GALLERIES: There are so many museums and art galleries to enjoy in Montreal. Begin with Montreal's largest, Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts, located on Sherbrooke Street (which is also an amazing street for strolling). It features 5 pavilions and a permanent collection of over 42,000 works.

DHC/ART is a non-profit gallery is located in Old Montreal and features award-winning exhibitions. If you're into contemporary art, this is definitely a must-see.

Montreal has so much to offer! These were just a few of my highlights from our short trip. Let me know below if you've been to Montreal and other great places/restaurants you've tried there! 

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

This look is one of my recent favourites. I've always loved remixing older pieces from my closet with new finds. I currently came across this dress from Topshop; after eyeing it for a couple of weeks, I decided to get it. Wrap dresses are one of the most effortlessly chic dresses to wear! The wrap dress is universally flattering. This one is an empire waist so it ties at the smallest part of your waist. This dress has a couple of different features making it a twist on a classic.

There are actually three panels on the bottom giving a flowy feel and creating a slit when walking. When the breeze catches the dress, it makes it even prettier. There are several colours that this dress comes in but this soft blush colour won me over.

The second feature that makes it stand out from the classic wrap dress is the fact that it is asymetrical. This is a look that I have always stayed away from as it just hasn't been my taste but I liked so many other aspects of this dress that I decided to give it a try.

The neckline is elongating and is great for fuller chests. Although most wrap dresses are appropriate office wear, I don't recommend this one due to the asymmetrical hemline. It is however perfect for weddings, showers and date nights.

As beautiful as this dress is however, there are a few things to note. The panels at the bottom, although create for beautiful movement in the breeze, can make for a wardrobe malfunction as the panels go all the way up. I would recommend wearing a short slip with this dress. I love that the panels create a peekaboo slit without showing too much leg.

I have linked the exact dress below and a few others that are very similar. My shoes and other similar clutches are also linked below.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

I remember back when I was a teen, it wasn't cool to carry an umbrella to school. Umm...what were we thinking?! I used to walk half an hour every morning and when I got to school, I'd be soaked - but god forbid, I carry an umbrella. Don't even get me started on rain boots. Anyone else remember those days? Well, thank goodness those teen years are over and I have become reacquainted with rain gear! With so many colours and styles to choose from, even the rainy days can become ultra chic.

Trench: Ann Taylor | Top: Banana Republic | Tights: Lole Women | Boots: Coach 

My high school days are long gone and so is my dislike for all things rain gear! One of the staples in your closet should always be a trench coat. Choose a neutral (black, beige, navy) and start there! There are so many cuts and styles and they'll flatter all body types. I have a few in my closet and this one is from Ann Taylor. I'm unable to link this particular one so I've linked another one that I have in my closet from Banana Republic. I tend to lean towards the classics, that's just the style that I like best on me but there are so many cute rainy days outfits for every style. Topshop has some really fun ones if you are looking for bright gear!

These Coach rain boots are great for most of the year. I've worn them well into late Fall with heavier socks and they've been great. They are completely waterproof so there's no worry when you are walking through puddles or mud. Because I'm petite, I love that these boots sit well below the knee - I find that other boots are too high for me and end up looking strange. Mine are the smooth finish but I linked similar ones to mine. 

For my base, I used Lole tights. Lole Women is a Canadian (yay) activewear brand. I love the tights however I found myself having to hike them up a few times during the day as they begin to sag a bit. Other than that, they're great and opaque - one of the most important factors when looking into tights in order to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions!

The top is from Banana Republic. It's currently in stores and comes in both black and white. The laser-cut details are so pretty and delicate. Bonus: it also comes in Petite sizing.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

I've been wanting to do a post for the fella's and what better time than for Father's Day?!

Marco and I were married for three years before deciding we were ready for parenthood and since becoming parents, I can easily say that I love him more today than when we married. Seeing him become a dad allowed me to see this new side of him that I don't think he even knew he had! In our family, both Marco and I share all of the responsibilities and chores - it's what works for us. He cooks as much as I do, does diaper duty, laundry and the list goes on and on. Our marriage has always been fifty/fifty and when we added babies to our family, it now feels like we both do 100/100; it's a busy time but such a happy and fulfilling one!

If you have been struggling with what to get your father and or hubby, this Sunday, you've come to the right place! I have put together a list of a few gift ideas to help you out. Marco helped curate this list so it's guy-approved :)

Here we go!

For the Foodie: 

We all know that subscription boxes are all the rage now. This one delivers six full-sized products every two months for the foodie in your life. You can opt to purchase one, three or six boxes. He'll love it so much, he may not want to share. 

For the Sporty Dad: 

Not only will this jacket keep your guy dry, it will look amazing on him. Helly Hanson makes great waterproof and breathable coats that are perfect for his outdoor activities. It comes in four classic colours. Shop the look here

For the Techie-Father

The Kobo Aura is the perfect gift for those who commute and travel; the Kobo can hold up to 3,000 books and it allows you to read in direct sunlight without glare, just like a real book but without the bulky weight! You can shop the Kobo here.  

For the Fashion Forward: 

These sleek white runners have become my personal fave for guys. They look so good dressed up or down. Wear them with jeans or roll up your khakis for a relaxed look. They are available in white and black. They are unisex so you may also want to order a pair for yourself. Shop them here.  

For the Coffee-Lover: 


With summer days ahead of us, get him a coffee tool he'll love. He can make his morning coffees and pour it into his HyperChiller and have iced coffee in about a minute. Cold coffee with zero diluting. Pick it up here.  

For the Traveller: 
I'm a such a sucker for good quality weekender bags. I found this ultra sleek, cruelty-free, Canadian-made weekender bag. It also comes in several colours here

For the Classic Dad: 
My dad doesn't collect things, but if he could, he'd collect watches. He loves the classic styles like this classic Tissot Le Locle leather watch. It's Swiss-automatic and is water resistant to 99 feet. Shop it on Amazon here

The Outdoorsman: 
You can find Ray Bans that suit every dad's style. From the Wayfarer to the classic Aviators, there's a Ray Ban for every papa. You can check out all the styles here.  

The Music Lover:  

Okay, so most guys love bluetooth - anything bluetooth is usually a score. I chose this speaker because of its beautiful minimalist design; Marco chose it because of its amazing sound. Shop the speaker here.

For the New Dad: 

When Marco and I first had our son, one of the things he cared about having a say in was the diaper bag we used. He wanted a diaper bag that looked great and didn't really give the diaper bag vibes. (You know which ones I'm talking about). We ended up deciding on a sleek, grey messenger bag that although was a diaper bag, looked nothing like the traditional ones. 

This backpack converts into a messenger and a shoulder bag. It has an oversized front zip pocket for diapers and other essentials, has a large main compartment divided with pockets and includes a cushioned changing pad for your babe.  Basically, the new dad will thank you. Shop this look here

For the World's Greatest:

Because come on, how cute are they?! You can shop these cute mugs here.

Whatever you may end up picking up for the great dads in your life, I hope it's a memorable day full of love.